Diner Menu




Chicken brochettes glazed with teriyaki sauce 7.00


Lightly breaded squid 11.00

Beef Sashimi

Thinly sliced, very rare beef, with a ponzu sauce 13.00

Agedashi Tofu

Hot Tofu served in a light soy broth 6.50

Tempura Shrimp and Vegetables 10.00

Tempura Vegetables  7.00


Tender pork and onion pieces on a bamboo skewer 9.00

Soft Shell Crab 13.50

Hibachi Shrimp

Grilled with lemon and butter 9.50

Sushi Appetizer Chefs assortment for the beginner 11.00


Thinly sliced, served with soy sauce and wasabi 16.00

Edamame 4.50

Chicken Karaage 7.75

Specialty Appetizers

Japanese Spring Rolls

  • King Crab and Aspargus 13.00

  • Vegetarian Spring Roll 6.50

  • Kabuki Spring Roll 9.50

    • tamago, unagi, kanikama, carrot, cucumber, lettuce

„l Salmon Tartare (4 pcs) 8.75

„l Appetizer Platter for Two or More prices vary

Matsu Dinners

Masa’s Choice  30.00

Chicken and Shrimp

Kabuki Delight  33.00

Steak and Scallops

Surf & Turf

Lobster Tail and Beef Tenderloin market price

All Matsu Dinners include vegetables, steamed rice and a choice of soup or salad and ice cream.

Teppan Dinners

Chicken Teriyaki

Boneless chicken grilled and glazed with teriyaki  20.00

Salmon Teriyaki

Grilled and glazed with shitake teriyaki 25.00

Kobe Cut

Canadian Striploin Beef 32.00

Seafood Nami

Shrimp, scallops, fishcake fry, and today’s fresh fish  31.00

Steak and Chicken

Teppanyaki Grilled Steak and Boneless Chicken  29.00

Shrimp and Scallops

Scallops and shrimp prepared with lemon and butter   29.00

Hibachi Scallops

Prepared with lemon and butter 29.00

Orange Roughy

Delicate and lightly seasoned 24.00

Filet Mignon

Beef Tenderloin grilled to perfection   34.00

Hibachi Shrimp  24.00


Feast of lobster tail, split and stuffed with our House Miso sauce, presented on a bed of rice

Accompained by vegetables in season 34.00

Includes vegetables, steamed rice and a choice of soup or salad

Traditional Kabuki

Kabuki Special Moriawase

Tempura, Sirloin Steak, and Chicken Yakitori

Teppan vegetables and steamed rice 29.00


Shrimp and vegetables in a lacy batter  22.00

Vegetarian Platter

Vegeatable Tempura, Agedashi Tofu, Teppan Noodles and Salad 18.00

Tonkatsu Dinner

Panko Breaded Pork, Teppan vegetables and steamed rice   19.00

Teppan Noodles

Choice of two – chicken, beef, and shrimp   22.00

All of the above include soup or salad

Kabuki Bento Box



Salmon Teriyaki

Black Cod

Shrimp Tempura

Tempura Vegetables

Tonkatsu Pork

Chicken Teriyaki


Scallop Fry



Bento boxes include vegetables and steamed rice and a choice of soup or salad

Course Dinners

Kaede Sakura

Katitama Soup Miso Soup

Nishikimori Salad Sunomono Salad (Shrimp or Octopus)

Assorted Sushi Tempura

King Crab Sirloin Steak

Brochette of Chicken Jumbo Shrimp

Choice of Dessert Choice of Dessert

Tea or Coffee Tea or Coffee



Seafood Salad 13.75

Kabuki Salad 11.50

Sunomono Salad 

Choice of Shrimp or Octopus 8.00

Chef Salad 4.50

Miso Soup 3.50

Sushi Roll     Tempura 
    Our Bento Box                Beef 

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